Hair Rituals

Haircut/Style                                                                       from $25

Shampoo/Blow-Dry/Style                                              from $25

Children 10 & under                                                          from $14

Young Adult 11-15                                                             from $22

Bang Trim                                                                                          $8

Updo/Styling                                                                       from $64

Men Hair rituals

Haircut/Style                                                                         from $22

Men's color (blending of grey)                                        from $40

Accent Foils                                                                           from $35

Hair & scalp Renewal treatments

Botanical Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment               from $40

      - This service will repair, restore & strengthen your

         hair scalp. In addition, it will bring balance back to

         your hair & scalp by improving dry hair up to 86% &

        repairing damaged hair up to 84%. Service includes

        a scalp & neck massage, shampoo & Blow-Dry

        leaving hair stronger & healthier looking.

Express Botanical Hair OR Scalp Treatment               from $25

      - Available with haircut/color services

Detoxifying Hair Treatment                                             from $25

      - With haircut

Hair Color enhancements

Full Foil                                                                                    from $72

Partial Foil                                                                               from $58

Accent Foil (10 pack)                                                            from $35

Color Tint

Virgin all over tint                                                                 from $60

Retouch new growth                                                           from $58

Toner/Underneath Color                                                   from $35

Color Glossing                                                                        from $30

Additional Color &/or Choice                                            from $16

     (Extra product: due to length, thickness

       or color choice)

Corrective Color                                                                  by consult

Hair Texturizing

Traditional perm                                                                   from $70

Specialty/Spiral                                                                     from $90

Brazilian Blowout                                                                 from $180

Keratin Treatment                                                                from $75

Additional Product &/or Choice                                      from $16

     (Extra product: due to length or thickness)


We are sorry to say we no longer accept gratuity/tips on credit cards or debit cards.

Checks or cash only.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

                                                   *** All tanning sessions expire one year from date of purchase

hours of service

Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday 8am-4pm &  Sundays Closed